We hope to assist you in any of the following ways:

We have over ten years experience in the project management and interior architecture of bespoke new-build projects and renovations; and imaginative interior design and furnishing schemes for exclusive alpine residences.

If you are planning or embarking on a new build property we can assist you in a variety of ways, including project management, client representation, interior architecture and interior design.

We have considerable experience managing and coordinating high specification renovations and rebuilds, be it elegant modernisation of an alpine chalet, or sympathetic conversion of a 19th century farmhouse.

We also create beautiful interior design and furnishing schemes to complement your new-build or renovation, or as a stand-alone project. Typically we combine traditional alpine elements with contemporary design to create an "alpine-chic" look, in harmony with your home's architecture and surroundings.

Alongside our standard package of project-wide design and management responsibilities, we also offer consultancy services on an ad-hoc basis, where help is sought for just a specific area or discipline.

New builds

Many of our projects are bespoke new build properties. We are often brought on-board by the client soon after purchasing the plot, and are involved from the outset: appointing an architect and collaborating intimately with him and the client on their future home.

Alternatively, we are recommended by the architect as a valuable resource to the client - both in liaising between the owner and the trades, and as designers contributing to the interior architecture and detailing - with the interests and vision of the owners our sole priority.

Finally, we are sometimes asked to work on projects that are in progress, perhaps if communication is difficult or the client is finding it stressful. We review the project coordination, add value through expert input, and ensure a satisfying completion for the owners.

In all cases we provide professional project support for the client, generate CAD plans as required (room layouts, floor, wall and ceiling finish plans, electrical layouts); produce kitchen, bathroom, and fireplace designs, and suggest myriad detail embellishments throughout your new home.

Renovations & rebuilds

We manage renovation and rebuild projects; both conversions of old barns and farmhouses, and redevelopments of dated chalets. These properties often enjoy prime locations and huge potential, but successful modernisation takes skill and experience.

We assemble a talented construction team and work with the clients to ensure their vision and requirements are met. We coordinate project management and produce bilingual minutes of weekly site meetings to ensure all parties understand developments and decisions. We monitor budget and schedule, and bring technical expertise and a slew of specialist suppliers to the project. We aim to achieve a seamless integration of original features and modern materials to maximise the potential and charm of your period property.

More fundamentally even than with new builds, we are involved in the layout and interior architecture of the residence. In addition to our project management and client liaison rĂ´le we generate CAD plans as required (room layouts, floor, wall and ceiling finish plans, electrical layouts); and kitchen, bathroom, and fireplace designs; as well as design detailing throughout the property.

Interior Design & Furnishing

Interior design and furnishing is a key aspect of our business. The majority of our projects (although not all!) are alpine properties, and we have developed a reputation for successfully teaming contemporary styles and a modern look with traditional alpine accents. Our discerning international clientele like an authentic mountain-lodge feel, but with no compromise on style and opulence. We have built our portfolio over the last decade to develop this "savoie-chic" mix. Please take a look through the portfolio, we hope you see the kind of look you wish for in your own home.

We work with exceptional local and international furnishing producers, or alternatively commission custom items to create a truly bespoke interior. We are happy to collaborate as consultants to realise your own preferred style; or simply undertake a full design and furnishings package for your approval. We manage all shipping and installation using tried and trusted companies. All our projects are individual and unique, with attention to the finest detail.

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In addition to the more extensive interior architecture, design and project management services that comprise the majority of our business, we have recently expanded by adding a consultancy service in chalet design and construction for smaller projects. We have extensive experience of french property, and what it takes to design and build successful alpine ski-chalets. We offer this advice and assistance via a simple hourly consultancy-fee arrangement.

This might include design assistance on a specific area of your project (exterior or interior finishes, bathrooms/kitchens, lighting); build advice (permits & regulations, contractors & suppliers, materials, electrical layouts, plumbing/heating systems); or architectural-plans review (optimal layouts etc.).

Alternatively we can agree with the client a specific consultancy brief, and will develop and execute this scope using our knowledge and resources, bringing in and managing other specialists as required.

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