Andrew Shepherd graduated in engineering in the UK. After a spell in oil-exploration, he spent 15 years project-managing worldwide theme-park construction projects, prior to joining Kyles in her shep&kyles design venture. He moved to the Alps 25 years ago to pursue joint hobbies of ski-guiding and renovating his own Savoyard farmhouse, which continue to keep him out of trouble between construction projects! In the last ten years he has been the technical resource of the consultancy, being also registered in france as a "maître d'œuvre" ("construction project-manager").

Amanda Garrett (or as she is more commonly know, Kyles) married Shep 12 years ago, and moved from London to the French Alps. Prior to that she gained her masters degree in design, and enjoyed a fabulous decade in London with the prestigious lighting company dha design. In addition she was the lighting designer for many top rock’n’roll bands, and West-End and Broadway theatre productions. On relocating to the Alps she founded shep&kyles design; and whilst remaining the artistic strength of the consultancy, she is now an expert in the whole chalet construction process, much to the surprise of some of the local artisans!